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September 2014 News

How are damages restricted under Tennessee's tort reform?

The Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011 has changed many aspects of civil litigation in the state. According to the Tennessee Bar Association, this tort reform law restricts the amount of compensation that victims can receive in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.
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Child fractures leg while using defective IKEA swing

Many Nashville parents put a great deal of thought into their children's play areas, making every effort to ensure these are safe environments. When a play product contains a design or manufacturing defect that seriously injures a child, his or her parents can understandably be [...]
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Types of compensation for defective drug lawsuits

Many people in Tennessee understand that they can pursue a civil lawsuit if they are harmed by defective prescription drugs. However, we at Bart Durham Injury Law appreciate how difficult it can be for people in this position to deal with the civil litigation process while they [...]
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Recall process for defective medical drugs

The United States Food and Drug Administration oversees the approval of medical drugs, many of which are commonly used by Nashville residents. When a drug is found to be a dangerous product that violates FDA regulations, it is recalled.
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What do you need to prove in a product liability case?

When people are harmed through the use of a defective product, they may choose to sue the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors responsible for bringing those dangerous items to market. If such a claim is brought in Tennessee, plaintiffs (the injured parties) must prove that [...]
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