Dangers of a semi truck accident on the road

Trucks are a familiar sight in the landscape of Tennessee. These vehicles are an important part of commerce and employment across the country. They're so prevalent that it's easy to forget how dangerous they truly are and how much trust is put into the people who are operating these massive vehicles. The fact is that a semi truck accident has great potential to cause serious injuries and even death to drivers of other vehicles and bystanders. When learning the facts about how deadly these trucks can be, it's likely that other drivers will be more vigilant when they're in the vicinity.

In the United States, trucks have been found to be the cause of at least 4,500 deaths in a year. The numbers are stark. While these trucks make up only eight percent of the traffic on the road, they account for 11 percent of crashes that end with a fatality. In Tennessee alone, a five-year period was examined to get a gauge of the number of accidents these vehicles are involved in. Of the 1,134 accidents, the presence of trucks was found to significantly raise the dangers.

These vehicles were more likely to be driven by men. Men are found to be drive more aggressively, faster and drive after having used drugs or alcohol. An inattentive truck driver who might be thinking of things other than the road, using a cellphone or engaging in some other activity as a distraction adds to the possibility that there will be a semi truck accident as a result.

As with most accidents, there's always the chance that it was a drunk truck driver at the cause of it. Alcohol and drug use is a factor in many crashes and the likelihood of a death is increased seven-fold if substances like alcohol or drugs are involved. Since trucks are necessary and experienced drivers are accustomed to their presence sharing the roadways, the dangers are often ignored.

Incidents that happen in which a truck driver is at the root of the crash and is made to face justice for it happen regularly. With a truck accident and the serious injuries or deaths that result from them, discussing the matter with an attorney is an option those who suffered a loss need to consider.

Source: ScienceDaily.com, "Trucks a significant cause of severe accidents, study finds," Dec. 5, 2013

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