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What are the long and short term costs of a brain injury?

When a person in Tennessee suffers a brain injury, the first priority is to get the best care possible to try and minimize the long-term effects. That, however, tends to cost a lot of money. In addition to the care that a person with brain damage will require, the medical expenses can be astronomical. People frequently wonder what the costs are in both the long and short-terms. Gathering reputable information about brain injury can help a family prepare for the next step in their loved one's care.

It's a shock when a loved one who was once vibrant and alert is suddenly stricken with a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, incident at work or simply due to unfortunate circumstances. When the realization sets in that the loved one will need care, the financial aspects hit home. Medical costs include the stabilization of the patient, technology to try and repair or mitigate the problems, various experts, medications and unforeseen costs that don't fall under insurance coverage.

The person who was hurt might not be able to return to work immediately, if at all. In fact, rather than having an extra income in the home, the family will be faced with having to pay out-of-pocket for extra care. In addition, there might be time constraints if the injured person requires round-the-clock care. There can also be psychological needs for the person who is facing the prospect of a different life taking care of someone who had a brain injury. It will also be necessary that the injured person be given physical treatment. Equipment such as hospital beds, altering the home and making it wheelchair accessible also come into play.

Depending on how long the injured person lives, lifetime costs can range from $85,000 to over $3 million. Not many people are able to pay that amount of money out-of-pocket. When there is a head injury, it's imperative to determine quickly if it is a brain injury. After that, finding out who is at fault and seeking accident compensation can help pay for the massive expenses that arise from this type of injury.

Source: BrainInjuryInstitute.org, "Living With Brain Injury - Costs Of Care," accessed on Sept. 2, 2014

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