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July 2013 News

FDA sends demand letters to makers of illegal diabetes drugs

Patients in Tennessee who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are often told that they must take steps to control their sugar and insulin levels. They may be told about various ways to address the problem such as giving themselves insulin shots, utilizing an insulin pump, or [...]
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Man wins lawsuit for faulty medical device

When someone is ill or injured the last thing he or she wants to worry about is dealing with a defective medical product. However, if a person in the Nashville area is dealing with a malfunctioning medical device, like the DePuy hip device for example, then he or she should be [...]
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Personal injury verdict could affect product liability lawsuits

When an accident occurs it’s a well-known fact that wearing a seatbelt can safe lives. Therefore, most people typically feel safe when they have a seatbelt on. However, if for some reason a person in the Nashville area is injured by a car defect the results can be devastating.
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Man dies after receiving improper medication in hospital

When someone is admitted to the hospital for any reason he or se should be able to expect competent and careful medical attention. However, sometimes doctors or other medical staff members make mistakes that can cause serious problems for a patient, and sometimes even wrongful [...]
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Makers of transvaginal mesh products facing lawsuit

When a person in Nashville or anywhere else suffers a medical condition he or she just wants to find a solution that will help resolve his or her problem. However, sometimes doctors or other medical professionals make mistakes in their treatment. Other times, companies who [...]
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