Man wins lawsuit for faulty medical device

When someone is ill or injured the last thing he or she wants to worry about is dealing with a defective medical product. However, if a person in the Nashville area is dealing with a malfunctioning medical device, like the DePuy hip device for example, then he or she should be aware of latest legal news involving the device.

DePuy ASR could be facing thousands of lawsuits after a California jury awarded a man more than $8 million for failing to provide adequate warning of the health risks involved with the company's hip replacement device. DePuy had attempted to get the original ruling overturned, however, a judge recently upheld the verdict and ordered the company to pay up. The judge's decision also opened up the possibility for any other future plaintiffs to win similar decisions.

According to court papers, DePuy was aware of the problems with the device, but waited too long issue a recall. Court papers also indicate that the surgeons who DePuy employed as consultants voiced their concerns about the product to the company several years before the recall occurred. The company could still be facing more than 10,000 similar lawsuits in regards to the hip device.

If a person has been fitted with one of the hip devices in question, then speaking with an attorney who deals with defective medical device cases on a regular basis is probably a good idea. In addition, an attorney who has already dealt with cases involving the Depuy hip device may already have the experience and knowledge to help someone get the settlement or court decision that he or she is entitled to.

Source: New York Legal Examiner, "$8.3 Million Verdict Sticks in DePuy ASR Trial," Roopal Luhana, July 8, 2013

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