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Personal injury verdict could affect product liability lawsuits

When an accident occurs it’s a well-known fact that wearing a seatbelt can safe lives. Therefore, most people typically feel safe when they have a seatbelt on. However, if for some reason a person in the Nashville area is injured by a car defect the results can be devastating.

A decision by a jury in a personal injury lawsuit could have an impact on future product liability cases. A woman and her two sons have been awarded $43.1 million after a car accident left her paralyzed in both arms and legs. The family filed the suit against Johnson Controls Inc. who makes and sells car seats for vehicles. Johnson was the manufacturer of the seat of the 1999 Dodge Neon that the woman was in when she was hit. According to court documents the seat collapsed backwards upon impact and the woman became dislodged from her seatbelt

Now, as a result of the verdict, some attorneys wonder how the decision will affect future product liability lawsuits. One civil trial lawyer who typically represents defendants for personal injury cases feels that the trial bar is really taking notice of the jury’s decision in this case. Accordingly, he feels that lawyers, parties involved in cases and even jury members will have to take this decision into account when they are weighing the details of other cases in which they are involved.

Being the victim of a defective auto part can be devastating, just as it was for this woman. That’s why having the right product liability lawyer in a case like this can be a good idea. An experienced attorney can help a person understand who is at fault and who should be responsible to pay them compensation.

Source: Vermont Biz, “Essex Junction family awarded $43.1 million in personal injury suit,” Hilary Niles, July 2, 2013.

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