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July 2011 News

NHTSA discovers how to combat Nashville distracted driving car accidents

Distracted driving sometimes feels like a fact of life in Nashville. It is not uncommon to see a driver texting while driving, preoccupied with the radio tuner, or even applying makeup while in driving around the city. Although many Nashville drivers have accepted distracted [...]
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Tennessee teen dies in Waverly car accident

One teenage girl is dead after a serious Tennessee car accident on Interstate 40 yesterday morning. The accident occurred in Waverly, which is 55 miles west of Nashville, on an off-ramp. Authorities say that 11 others were injured.
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Passersby helps save Nashville car accident victims

A severe Nashville highway accident is a common event that is always a surprise for the people involved. Several questions arise immediately surrounding the occurrence of a Nashville car accident. The first concern is the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Some car [...]
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Country musician severely injured in Nashville motorcycle accident

Country singer and Christian rock musician Austin Childress was critically injured last Sunday in a severe motorcycle accident. Childress is known as part of the Christian rock band Thalon. Reports indicate that a motorist fell asleep and hit Childress' motorcycle head on. The [...]
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Murfreesboro woman injured in freak car accident

Tennessee car accidents have a variety of causes. Tennessee residents suffer personal injuries from truck accidents such as the one we discussed in the previous post, and in drunk driving car accidents such as the ones that occurred over the most recent Independence Day weekend.
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Tennessee truck driver causes fatal I-40 car accident

Truck accidents on Nashville highways tend to be very severe and injure many motorists. The negligence of a commercial driver or the company that employs the driver may basis of a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit allows truck accident victims to receive [...]
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Debate continues over repeal of Michigan's motorcycle helmet law

The Michigan State Senate has just passed legislation repealing the existing law requiring motorcycle helmets for all riders. Under the proposed new law, which is similar to one pending in the State House, motorcyclists 21 and older would be allowed to ride without a helmet. [...]
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Three Tennessee car accidents cause personal injuries, gridlock

Tennessee roads were gridlocked on the first day after the long Independence Day weekend. People suffered personal injuries in at least three major traffic accidents yesterday, which closed traffic on area roads and created a traffic nightmare for many commuters.
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Study finds that alcohol increases the severity of car accidents

Last week we discussed the recent death of MTV star Ryan Dunn in a severe car accident. Dunn's blood alcohol level at the time of that accident was 0.196 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Although Dunn was heavily intoxicated when he crashed his [...]
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Star of MTV's "Jackass" show dies in serious drunk driving crash

Reality-TV fans in Nashville and throughout the state where shocked to hear of the recent drunk driving accident death of MTV star Ryan Dunn. Dunn was known for performing outrageous stunts on the show "Jackass" and appeared in three feature length "Jackass" movies as well as [...]
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