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Murfreesboro woman injured in freak car accident

Tennessee car accidents have a variety of causes. Tennessee residents suffer personal injuries from truck accidents such as the one we discussed in the previous post, and in drunk driving car accidents such as the ones that occurred over the most recent Independence Day weekend.

A more unusual car accent occurred recently in Murfreesboro. A woman was hit by her sickened husband outside of their Murfreesboro home. The 25-year-old husband was behind the wheel of the family's Toyota 4Runner on an early Tuesday morning and had just pulled out of the driveway of their home when his wife told him that she had forgotten something inside of their home. The husband backed into the driveway so that his 26-year-old wife could retrieve the item from the home. The wife exited the vehicle and the bizarre accident occurred.

"The driver then opened up the door so that he could vomit and his foot slipped off the brake pedal," according to a Rutherford County Sheriff's Deputy. "He then attempted to reapply the brakes and accidentally hit the accelerator."

The car flew into the woman who was walking to the home and also hit the home's garage. The Toyota heavily damaged the exterior wall of the garage and a Mazda inside of the garage was somewhat damaged by falling debris.

Typically car accidents that occur at 4:30 a.m. like this one involve alcohol use, but the sheriff's deputy believes that the husband was sickened by an illness and did not suspect alcohol or drug use to be a factor in the accident.

The couple's 3-year-old was in the car at the time of the accident.

Source: The Daily News Journal, "SUV hits woman in freak driveway accident at home," Mark Bell, 6/23/11

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