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Tennessee truck driver causes fatal I-40 car accident

Truck accidents on Nashville highways tend to be very severe and injure many motorists. The negligence of a commercial driver or the company that employs the driver may basis of a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit allows truck accident victims to receive compensation for their injuries and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. These lawsuits also make it less likely that the negligent parties will continue to injure others, thereby making Nashville roads safer for all area residents.

Unfortunately severe trucking accidents occur frequently and result in the wrongful death of many motorists across the region. Authorities in North Carolina have released a report regarding the serious highway accident caused by a Tennessee truck driver who plowed into several cars on I-40. Authorities say that the Tennessee truck driver was driving at 65 mph - the posted speed limit - but then failed to slow down to the speed of the cars in front of him.

The truck plowed into the back of a pickup truck. The 38-year-old driver was killed and the pickup was wrapped around the front of the semi-truck. The truck continued to barrel forward and hit a Nissan driven by a 45-year-old man and a Chevrolet driven by a 64-year-old woman. These two cars were knocked to the side of the truck and the Nissan became engulfed in flames. Both of these drivers were also killed.

Drugs are believed to have been a contributing factor in this severe truck accident. The Tennessee truck driver was charged with DWI, possession of methadone, and felony death by vehicle, among other things.

Source: ABC11 News WTVD, "Report: Truck didn't slow before fatal crash," 4/14/11

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