Passersby help saves Nashville car accident victims

A severe Nashville highway accident is a common event that is always a surprise for the people involved. Several questions arise immediately surrounding the occurrence of a Nashville car accident. The first concern is the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Some car accident victims may have to be pulled from cars whereas others may have to move away from the accident scene to prevent further injuries. The next concerns include medical treatment for those injured in a car accident and then investigating the cause of the accident to make sure that the incident does not reoccur in the future.

Typically professional responders are the main rescuers in severe Nashville car accidents but it was passersby who helped save lives in last week's dramatic crash on Interstate 440 near the Interstate 65 split.

"If it hadn't been for a couple of people who got them out of the vehicle, it could have been a lot worse. It could have been a pretty bad scene," said Chief Willard Fletcher with the Nashville Fire Department.

The couple came upon the car accident which was caused when two cars hit each other. The impact of the accident was so severe that one vehicle rolled over and burst into flames. Three people were trapped inside a vehicle and were saved by the passersby.

People the other car involved in the accident did not help with the rescue efforts because they fled the scene of the accident. Police eventually found the hit-and-run drivers and charges may be pending. An investigation of the cause of the crash is underway.

Source: News Channel 5, "Good Samaritans Save People Trapped in Crash," 7/17/11

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