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Prescription drug recalls: some medications are dangerous

Did you know that Americans fill approximately four billion prescriptions every year? Taking this one step further, some people take 10 or more medications on a daily basis.

While prescription drugs are supposed to be 100 percent safe, this isn't always the case. Instead, there are times when dangerous medications make their way to market. If this happens, the end result can be serious injury, illness, or even death.

Before you take any prescription drug, it's good practice to learn more about the side effects. Furthermore, if you aren't comfortable with something, discuss alternative options with your medical provider.

Here is a list of prescription medications that have been recalled:

-- Actos. This type 2 diabetes medication has yet to be recalled in the United States, but it has been taken off the shelves in France and Germany as it is believed to be linked to bladder cancer.

-- Yaz and Yasmin. These birth control pills can lead to serious complications, such as an increased risk of blood clots. At this time, advocates continue to push strongly for a recall.

-- Vioxx. This painkiller was used by millions of Americans before it was finally recalled due to the increased risk of stroke and heart attack. It's believed to be responsible for nearly 40,000 deaths.

As you can see, some potentially dangerous drugs remain on the market while others have been recalled.

If you have reason to believe that a prescription medication has impacted your overall level of health, learn more about the drug as well as your rights as a patient and consumer.

Source: Drugwatch.com, "Recent Alerts & Recalls," accessed Oct. 03, 2016

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