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Understanding the dangers of defective drugs

People throughout Tennessee, the U.S. and the world are often directed to use a range of over-the-counter and prescription medications each year. The purpose of such medications is generally to relieve symptoms or aid in the treatment of certain medical conditions. In some cases, however, drugs may hit the market that can cause serious adverse health effects, or death. Before taking any type of medication, it can be important for people to understand the risks that even drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could pose.

Often, there are various side effects associated with the use of most medications. This can include mild effects, such as drowsiness, stomach aches, hives and rashes. Generally, such reactions are not a cause for concern.

When a medication’s potential side effects or risks outweigh its intended benefits, however, it may be deemed defective. According to the Merck Manual, severe reactions that may be associated with dangerous drugs are those that are potentially life threatening. Such effects include abnormal heart rhythms, liver failure and some types of allergic reactions. Furthermore, some defective or dangerous medications may cause lethal reactions. These effects either indirectly, or directly, result in the death of a patient.

When significant numbers of adverse side effects are seen with a medication, it may trigger a prescription drug recall. According to the FDA, such actions, which remove dangerous or defective products from the market, may be initiated by the pharmaceutical company itself, a request by the FDA or an official order from the FDA.

The effects of a dangerous drug can be devastating for victims, and their families. Those who have developed worsened medical conditions, or the families of those who have died, as the result of a defective medication may benefit from seeking legal counsel and representation. An attorney may help them to understand their rights and options, as well as pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered.

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