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Swarming bees envelop scene of Tennessee truck accident

The aftermath of a truck crash can be devastating, especially if a crash involves a victim in a smaller vehicle. If one is traveling on the highway, high speeds can increase risks of injuries in a crash. A collision can put someone in the hospital or worse. Truck drivers have a responsibility in Tennessee to be vigilant of their surroundings. A tractor trailer crash can snowball into a much bigger accident on a major road.

A crash involving a tractor trailer and an SUV led to a swarm of bees along the site of the collision on the interstate. A semi was hauling beehives near the Tennessee and Kentucky border on Interstate 24 and got involved in an accident with an SUV and tractor trailer. The SUV was allegedly attempting to turn around the median cut-through and is alleged to have caused the accident. The truck accident is currently under investigation. The bees were let loose in the accident and it led to several bee stings. The extent of injuries is unknown. No charges were filed yet pending the investigation.

An accident involving a truck or other vehicle can turn serious very quickly. Someone who is performing unsafe maneuvers on the highway is engaging in risky behavior that endangers the lives of those around the person. If a truck company is overworking its drivers or not adhering to proper federal and state guidelines, they may have additional responsibility in an accident.

Compensation from a truck accident can help pay for injuries, which sometimes, but hopefully rarely, can include bee stings. Finding proper treatment is priority number one for those involved in a crash. After that, establishing responsibility can help victims get the payment they deserve.

Source: WSMV, "Vehicle carrying beehives crashes on I-24 at state line," July 23, 2014

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