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Medical product recall issued for intravenous solutions

Many people in Nashville suffer from serious medical conditions and rely on treatments that involve administering intravenous (IV) solutions. Because they are already battling illnesses, any defects in the medical products used on these patients can lead to severely worsened medical conditions and fatalities.

A medical product recall has been issued for IV solutions produced by Baxter International. This recall results from the fact that these products were found to contain particulate matter, which if infused could have negative health implications. Potential reactions include fatal allergic responses and inflammation.

The particulates have been determined to be plastics and/or plant-based fibers. The cause of the contamination is still under investigation.

In a six-month period, four complaints have been lodged regarding Baxter's IV solutions, all resulting from the discovery of particulate matter in these products. In these complaints, the issue was identified prior to administering the solution; there is no indication that any of these patients suffered injuries.

Four lots of these solutions are affected by the recall. Baxter is asking that these products be returned, and in exchange the company will issue credit. Defect-free replacements are also available.

If you or someone you care about has suffered an injury as a result of using a defective medical product, you may want to investigate the idea of filing a civil suit against the product's manufacturer. These types of lawsuits can help to alleviate some of the financial pressures of dealing with injuries caused by defective medical devices, as well as hold a negligent manufacturer accountable for its actions.

Source: FDA.gov, "Baxter Initiates Voluntary Worldwide Recall Of Four Lots Of IV Solutions Due To The Presence Of Particulate Matter," July 14, 2014 

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