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What should a person do after an auto accident?

There's been an auto accident with another vehicle. Now what? The first step to take is to make sure that an injured party addresses the person's injuries and calls for help. Severe injuries may require treatment from a hospital. Dialing 911 is important in a crash so the proper support can be given to all those that are injured and to get a police report. The police and paramedics can help with treating hurt people and take them to the hospital. Getting to safety and receiving help is priority number one. Seeking medical treatment can be the difference between life and death in a serious crash.

Following treatment of all injuries, it's important to get information from the scene. According to the United Service Automobile Association, this includes gathering details about the crash. If an accident victim is able, taking pictures of the accident can be important. Get a report number from the police and information about other drivers including license plate numbers and the make and model of vehicles in the crash. The police may instruct drivers to exchange insurance information. It may be important to find a nearby witness who can verify the accident.

USAA provides a convenient Vehicle Accident Checklist for those involved in a crash. Contacting your insurance provider is important following a crash. It's important to not discuss who is at fault, because a crash can put people into traumatizing circumstances where they may not be fully cognizant of the details of the event. Gathering evidence is important so that a case could be built if another driver is negligent.

When you're in an accident in Tennessee, it's important to be informed of your options. Treating injuries and calling 911 for assistance should be the first priority. After that, it's important to remember that the more evidence available, the stronger a case will be if there was a negligent driver.

Source: USAA.com, "Crash Course: What to Do After a Car Accident," Nov. 19, 2013

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