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Pursuing compensation after a drunk driving accident

Last week we talked about how common drunk driving accidents are throughout the United States.

It is a scary reality that Tennessee's motorists never know when the car next to them is being driven by an intoxicated individual. While there is not much they can do to prepare themselves for such situations, besides driving defensively, there are steps that can be taken to help them succeed on a personal injury claim should an alcohol-related accident leave them hurt.

Perhaps the best step an individual can take is seeking the assistance of an experienced, aggressive, and committed attorney who will fight for his or her legal rights. An attorney will delve into pertinent documentation, including arrest records, driving records, and test results, including those pertaining to Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests.

An attorney can also assess your case to determine whether or not dram shop liability might apply. Under dram shop liability, a bar or restaurant may be held liable for any harm caused by a drunk driver who was a patron at their establishment prior to the accident. Imposing this type of liability is difficult, as you must show the person who was served alcohol was under the age of 21 or was visibly intoxicated, but our attorneys know the law and how to best utilize it for their clients.

Being injured in an accident can turn your life upside-down. You might be left in excruciating pain and be forced to cope with extensive medical expenses and lost wages. Your financial stability can be rocked, leaving you scared for your future. However, seeking out an attorney who can best represent you and who will fight for the compensation you deserve can help decrease the stress involved.

For more information on drunk driving accidents, visit our Automobile Accidents overview page.

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