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Injury Law Is Second Nature For Us

Workplace Accidents Solved the Right Way

You thought that your workplace would pay for the accident, yet here you are with mounting bills and no way to make money while you recover. Why should you pay when the accident wasn't your fault?

At Bart Durham Injury Law, we are known for helping victims of sometimes inevitable workplace or car accident injuries. We vow to work with you and investigate how your personal injury can be compensated and seek the solution you have a right to. This includes but is not limited to monetary compensation. Our attorneys know that you deserve more, and we are qualified to handle it for you. Our attorneys are backed by 75+ years of combined experience, and you can trust us to bring you the justice you deserve.

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Our injury attorneys have been fighting for personal injury and car accidents victims since 1975. Our specialties include:

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The Most Respected Workplace Injury Attorneys in Kentucky and Tennessee

There are many types of personal injuries, but workplace injuries can be the most severe. Workplace injuries can also be inevitable, whether your injury occurred working around heavy machinery, around dangerous tools, in a construction setting, or in many other circumstances. We are equipped to represent you at the highest standard and work hard for not only the workers compensation, but all that you deserve. It is so important to know your rights as an injured worker. But Bart Durham Injury Law is here to make it easy for you. It’s our pleasure!

What Kind Of Personal Injury Have You Suffered?

You can fall victim to many types of personal injuries, all of which deserve fair and equal compensation. The most common types are car accident injuries and workplace injuries, but that does not mean that your specific type, is less of a priority!

Automobile accidents can include anything from a rear ending situation or public transportation incident to a DUI car accident. Whatever the type, you still have the right to receive the proper compensation for any injuries incurred. As for personal injuries, they are not limited to workplace injuries but include medical malpractice, recalls, and even farm equipment malfunctions. We have got you covered.

An Unexpected Injury Occurred at Work: Where to Start?

First, get your FREE initial consultation with one of our Bart Durham Injury Law attorneys. Contact us at 800-844-1712 or click below to contact us via our online form. Then, let us take it from there. We will determine what kind of personal injury you were involved in and investigate the type of compensation that you may be eligible to receive.

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Our attorneys will dedicate as much time as it takes in order to get you the compensation you need and most of all, deserve. If you are out of work due to an injury and not receiving adequate compensation from your employer anymore, you should not be responsible to cover the costs of medical bills, therapy, or medications you may need. You will not owe us anything until you receive your damages compensation. We don't get paid until you win.

Take the Next Steps

Our Job Goes Past Just Financial Compensation

Suffering a workplace injury and being unable to return to work can take a toll on your mental and physical health. At Bart Durham, we go beyond just representing you in court. We will even help you to seek the proper therapy or counseling you may desire. There is nothing wrong with seeking counseling to aid your recovery in addition to seeking financial compensation. Ask us to help you locate the right counseling situation for you. Just another reason why we are here.

Each Case Is Different, but the Results Are Always Promising

Read about a few of our cases where we have gone above and beyond to achieve compensation for individuals, just like you. Read our testimonials to see why we are your best choice in representation.  Testimonials are written by real individuals like you, who have suffered in similar ways. As client Kristin Knight said, our staff is "friendly and exceedingly willing to help in any way." Let us help you like we helped Kristin.

Not only do we serve Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding area, we also serve Bowling Green, Kentucky and surrounding areas.

Contact us to find out our locations of service, and let us make it work!

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