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Brain Injury

Study: Brain injuries from concussion similar to Alzheimer's

Of all the terrible injuries that come out of car accidents, the hardest to detect are brain injuries. According to some studies, nearly 100,000 people in Tennessee and the rest of the country are treated for serious brain injuries due to car accidents and other causes.
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Soldiers with more than one brain injury show higher suicide risk

Tennessee soldiers who are fighting for their country and the family members of these soldiers should be aware of the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries. TBIs are common among servicemen and servicewomen due to explosives and other injuries caused by combat. A new [...]
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Tennessee moves to protect athletes from brain injury

In recent years, the medical community has paid increasing attention to the risk of brain injury in common team sports. Football, in particular, has been under scrutiny, and educators all over the nation have been trying to find ways to improve safety for student athletes.
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Risk of brain injury linked to concussion, study says

The brain is an extremely strong but extremely vulnerable part of the human body. For this reason, Tennessee residents may find themselves at risk of brain damage as a result of a construction accident, car crash, sports-related injury or a fall. Unfortunately, sometimes [...]
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Tennessee recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month

Tennessee hospitals see about 8,000 new cases of traumatic brain injury every year. Nationwide, that number is about 1.7 million. TBI can be caused by car collisions, falls, sports injuries or other accidents. It can lead to headaches, sleep problems, memory loss and permanent [...]
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Hormone treatment holds promise for brain injury recovery: Part Two

In our last post we discussed the difficulty that many patients experience in recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Car accidents or other big impacts can cause swelling which may destroy cells brain cells that do not regenerate.
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Hormone treatment holds promise for brain injury recovery: Part One

Traumatic brain injuries are very difficult to treat, according to experts, because the brain is slow to recover from impacts and is not believed to be able to regenerate lost cells. After a traumatic brain injury occurs from an event like a car accident or a concussion [...]
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