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Motorcycle accident results in head trauma for rider

Motorcycles, though considered fun by many, are also more dangerous than more protected vehicles. The unfettered range of motion that makes motorcycling so fun also renders riders vulnerable to injury, trauma and death. It is common for motorcycle riders, especially ones who choose to ride without helmets, to sustain serious injuries when involved in accidents. Broken bones and traumatic brain injuries are often the unfortunate consequences of such accidents.

One motorcyclist is suffering brain injuries after his bike collided with another vehicle. On his way to a Tennessee event the rider struck a sedan who was pulling into a roadway. Besides the brain injury, the rider also suffered a broken leg. At the time of the story his condition was reported as stable. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The Tennessee man is not alone in suffering brain injuries after a motorcycle accident. Risk for such trauma is greatly increased on a motorcycle. Anyone involved in these kinds of accidents who complains of a severe headache, confusion, numbness, tiredness or memory problems following an accident has likely suffered brain trauma and medical attention should be promptly sought. Brain injuries can negatively affect many aspects of people's lives -- including their ability to work and live independently -- and long-term medical care is almost always required.

If another rider's negligence caused a motorcyclist to fall victim to an accident and suffer brain injuries then that rider has a chance to receive compensation -- compensation that can help cover many costs of medical care.

Source: Business & Heritage Clarksville, "Early evening accident injures motorcyclist," Oct. 26, 2013

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