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Delivery Truck Accidents Continue to Increase; What You Should Do

With 15.5 million delivery trucks currently operating in the United States and with so many Americans shopping online, you’ll want to understand driving safety as you interact with these delivery fleets on the road.

In recent years, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and other delivery service companies have been responsible for an increase in accidents. When a delivery truck driver causes an accident and you are injured, what should you do? We’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to know if you’ve been involved in an accident with a delivery truck in Nashville, Tennessee; Bowling Green, Kentucky or any of the surrounding areas.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Common Causes of Accidents
  • After Crash Etiquette
  • Delivery Truck Liability

When it comes to interacting with semi-trucks or delivery vehicles on the road, we’re all likely aware of the general tips and tricks to avoid an accident. However, does the same apply when dealing with delivery trucks whose drivers pop in and out of their vehicle regularly? Getting into an accident with a delivery truck is not uncommon and can be caused by a variety of factors.

Some common causes include:


As a result of hefty schedules, many delivery drivers may exceed the speed limit to meet these deadlines. Similarly, when rounding a curve or driving up or down a hill, if you see a delivery truck parked in front of a home or building, you should watch your speed. You’ll also want to avoid driving around the truck if you cannot see oncoming traffic.

Distracted Driving

From delivery truck drivers to your average car ride, people can get distracted behind the wheel. Whether you’re talking with other delivery dispatchers, or you’re on the phone with mom, distracted driving is a leading cause for accidents for any and all drivers.

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Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Oftentimes, trucking companies will have a large fleet of delivery trucks at their disposal. However, properly maintaining said fleets can take time. From checking in on brakes, tires, and other critical systems, if a delivery truck malfunctions, it could result in an accident. However, most trucking companies work to maintain their fleets, so you shouldn't worry too much about this scenario. You should also ensure your own car is properly maintained.

Driver Fatigue

When it comes to crashes involving delivery truck drivers, falling asleep at the wheel can sometimes play a role. During the holiday season many drivers work the longest hours of the year. Regardless of the season and whatever the cause of your crash, it’s critical that you act right away to protect your rights and your health and safety.

After Crash Etiquette

Every car crash or truck wreck happens due to unique circumstances. However, as a general rule, there are helpful procedures to follow after a vehicle collision. Especially if you find yourself involved in an accident with a delivery truck in Kentucky or Tennessee, you’ll want to ensure the proper safety measures, legal measures and much more.

After you’ve been in an accident be sure to:

  • Call the police and report your accident.
  • Ask the police to respond to your collision.
  • If you or other passengers need an ambulance, request one. 
  • Seek external medical treatment as soon as possible.
  • At the crash site, get the delivery truck driver’s name, insurance information and company contact info.
  • Take pictures of the crash site.
  • Avoid discussing the incident with the delivery truck driver.
    • Anything you say may be used against you if the claim is denied.
  • Connect with witnesses who saw the accident. 
  • Call your insurance company and tell them you have been in a crash caused by a delivery truck driver.
  • As soon as possible, contact a lawyer.
    • You can consider your options with the help of an experienced attorney who can answer your questions and explain your options to you.

Delivery Truck Liability

There are many factors that go into determining liability for a delivery truck accident. In this regard, laws and regulations can also differ from state to state. In order to ensure the truck driving company is held liable for your injuries, damages and more, you’ll want to ensure you get the driver’s employer contact information. While the actual truck driver in this situation, who is acting within the scope of their employment when an accident occurs, will typically not be held financially liable for damages.

This will differ, however, if mal-intent or drugs and alcohol are at play or if they purposefully caused an accident. Even if a truck driver is at fault, liability will typically fall with the trucking company, as these companies have a legal obligation to comply with various state and federal laws concerning truck maintenance, operation, hiring, and training.

Depending on the specifics of your accident, liability may vary. Get connected with a local commercial vehicle accident attorney in Bowling Green, Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee to ensure a successful outcome.

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