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Common Reasons You Might Need to Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

With 3 million people reportedly suffering from car accident injuries every year, you’ll want to ensure you have the proper representation when or if the time comes. Hiring a professional auto accident attorney will save you time and money in the long run.

Whether you need help understanding the damages of your accident or you need proper legal negotiation and protection, an auto accident attorney will have your best interest at heart.

Common reasons to contact an auto accident attorney:
  1. Understand All Damages
  2. Keep up With Post-Accident Timeline
  3. Understand Your Case
  4. Proper Negotiation & Protection

Understand All Damages

When it comes to an automobile accident, understanding how to handle the aftermath of your collision might not be enough. You’ll also need to understand all the damages sustained from the accident, your rights, as well as what constitutes fair compensation when you file an auto accident lawsuit or insurance claim. Typically, you will be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, disability as well as general pain and suffering. 

An experienced auto accident attorney will know what your injuries and mental distress are worth and make it their goal to get you the compensation you deserve. In order to ensure you don’t accept a settlement much less than your damages are worth, an auto accident attorney can help you with your case.

Keep Up with Post-Accident Timeline

In order to keep up with your case after your accident, you should try to get in touch with a local auto accident attorney right away. Your lawyer will be able to immediately investigate and piece together your case. Just because you don’t have any severe injuries or damages after your accident does not mean you don’t need to speak to an attorney. Some car accident injuries such as whiplash aren’t always apparent right after an accident. 

Some injuries can take days, hours, or even weeks for any painful symptoms to be felt. Just like your injuries won’t always be immediately apparent, damage to your car isn’t always easy to spot either during the time right after an accident. Ensure you don’t pay for anything that was not your fault with the help of an experienced auto accident attorney. 

Schedule Your Free ConsultationUnderstand Your Case

It can be very difficult to fully understand your case if you don’t know all of the law associated with the road. Professional car accident attorneys can establish which laws and factors are relevant to your case and provide a thorough understanding of those laws as well as how the local court system will interpret them. This can ensure you won’t waste time on research when you should be focused on your recovery. 

After an automobile accident, you won’t want to have to figure out what to file, how to format, cite legal precedent, what evidence is admissible, and much more. In order to fully understand your case and make good recovery time, take advantage of a good attorney who has an in-depth knowledge of the law to guide you through a complicated accident lawsuit.

Proper Negotiation & Protection

When it comes to an auto accident, regardless of the damages or injuries sustained, you are going to have to deal with insurance companies. Oftentimes, car insurance companies will try to deny your claim or pay you less than your claim is worth. Rather than lose out on any compensation, an auto accident attorney will be able to understand what information is going to increase your chances of winning your claim. 

An auto accident lawyer will have the proper experience to effectively negotiate and protect your best interest. Filing your case can be challenging on your own, but proving your case is much more difficult. Convincing the court and jury to side with you during your case will require extensive legal research. With the right auto accident attorney, you will feel protected and secure in your accident case.

Let the Professionals Handle it

When you get hurt at work, in a car accident, or even at the doctor, it’s not your job to be your own lawyer. Personal accidents can bring on a lot of stress and financial strain on top of injury pain and downtime. Remember that any information found online has the potential to be outdated or incorrect, and could set you up for failure.

In cases such as these, it’s best to connect with a local injury attorney to assess your options and move forward with your claim professionally. In the long-run, you’ll save yourself time and money by letting the professionals handle your injury case from the get-go.

Bart Durham Injury Law represents victims  of various personal accidents to get them the compensation they deserve. Do you or a loved one need to make an accident claim? Don’t go through this alone, give our expert team a call 24/7.

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