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November 2018 News

Wrongful Death Cases Do Not Need A Criminal Conviction

In some instances, when illegal actions lead to someone's death, a criminal conviction may follow.
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Regulations Protecting Children from Small Parts

As any parent knows, young children like to put everything they can find in their mouths. 
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How To Tell if You Have Bad Brake Pads

Modern brake pads use friction to slow and stop your car. WHen you press the pedal, the pads themselves make contact and reduce the speed. 
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Accidents: The Fourth Leading Cause of Death in America

Medical issues are the top causes of death in America. It all starts with heart disease at the top of the list, followed by cancer. 
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Parents Are the Key to Preventing Teenage Distracted Driving

There are several steps parents can take to help their teenager driver become a safer driver and maintain safe driving habits.
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Important Ways to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Drivers in all sorts of vehicles need to learn how to share the road with motorcyclists, by being observant, keeping a buffer and not sharing a lane.
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Bart Durham Injury Law Study: Hands-free Cellphones Cause Driving Distraction

Hands-free cellphones cause a significant amount of cognitive distraction, which can lead to devastating car accidents.
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Spotting & Avoiding Drunk Drivers on Tennessee and Kentucky Roads

Knowing how to identify other drivers who may be intoxicated, and understanding how to respond when they do, may help people avoid drunk driving accidents.
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The Most Common Negative Side Effects From Medications

Whenever you start a new medication, you want to know that it is safe. 
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