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Important Ways to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Drivers in all sorts of vehicles need to learn how to share the road with motorcyclists, by being observant, keeping a buffer and not sharing a lane.

Car crashes involving motorcycles are not that uncommon in Kentucky and Tennessee. In fact, WKYT.com states that there were 1,790 deadly collisions involving the two-wheeled transportation in Kentucky over the course of a single year. Motorbike operators can do a few things to increase their safety, such as wearing a helmet and using traffic signals, but this will not necessarily keep them out of harm's way. Drivers in all vehicles need to learn how to share the road with motorcyclists.

Watch for them

Motorcycles are harder to spot than other vehicles because they are so small. Because they may be harder to spot, other drivers on the road need to be on the lookout for bikers. Vehicle operators can watch for motorcyclists by doing the following:

· Checking blind spots frequently, especially before changing lanes.

· Looking carefully before turning onto a road.

· Making eye contact when crossing the path of a motorcyclist.

· Being aware of the presence of a motorcyclist in nearby traffic.

Motorcycles and cars can get tangled up in a crash in a variety of ways. According to Esurance.com, 44 percent of fatal traffic accidents involving a motorcycle occurred when the vehicle operator turned left and the motorcyclist continued straight. These accidents may happen because the driver did not see the motorcycle or because the rider forgot to turn off his or her blinker.

Maintain a safe distance

Most motorcycles can stop and change direction faster than the average car. This means a larger vehicle may need more time to stop than a motorcycle. If a person finds him- or herself following someone on a motorbike, it may be a good idea to increase the following distance to four seconds as opposed to the standard three. If the weather is less than ideal, this following distance should be increased even more. Maintaining a safety buffer can help keep the roadways free of accidents.

Do not share lanes

Because a motorcycle is so small, some drivers may be tempted to share the lane. However, this can endanger the rider as well as the driver. Even though they may not take up the entire road lane, motorcyclists do need the entire space. Riders may have to swerve out of the way of branches or other debris to stay upright on their bike. When cyclists make a turn, they may need extra space too.

Drivers across Kentucky and Tennessee need to know how to share the road with motorcyclists to ensure everyone makes it to their destination safely. If an accident does happen, whether there was an injury or fatality, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney who is familiar with this type of traffic incident case.

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