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September 2017 News

What are the most common causes of motorcycle crashes?

There is a lot to think about before you jump on your motorcycle and hit the road. For instance, you always need to be aware of the risks that lie ahead.
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Medication during pregnancy and later health issues with kids

In some cases, issues with medications taken during pregnancy become clear very quickly. They could result, for example, in a miscarriage.
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Don’t forget these school bus safety tips

There is no denying the fact that school buses provide a safe mode of transportation. While this may be true, here's something you need to remember: accidents involving school buses can and do happen throughout the country every year.
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How can joggers stay safe on the road?

As a jogger, there are many hazards to be aware of. From speeding vehicles to aggressive dogs, you need to know how to remain safe at all times.
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A brake problem could be the result of a product defect

As your car ages, there is a good chance you will eventually face some type of trouble with its braking system. This doesn't necessarily mean that something will go wrong that causes an accident. It simply means that you may need to make a repair.
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How to avoid a serious bike accident in the city

Driving your bike in a city setting can be nerve-racking and enjoyable at the same time.
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You don’t have to deal with consumer defect injuries alone

In the past, when a consumer was injured by a defective product they were left to deal with this on their own.
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Determining who is at fault in an auto accident can be tricky

Fault is a complicated issue when it comes to car wrecks. Most accidents are, well, accidental. However, there is often an issue of negligence that determines who is at fault in an accident.
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Should the public know about auto safety issues sooner?

Serious safety issues with vehicles tend to come to light eventually. When enough people are killed in accidents caused by defective tires or when people pass away because their defective airbags didn't deploy, the stories start to pile up. They make the news. The links become [...]
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Common motorcycle accident questions to address

As a motorcyclist, you never want to think about being part of a crash. You hope that you drive your bike for many years, never running into any trouble along the way.
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