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January 2016 News

Is it worth pursuing compensation for soft tissue injuries?

Car accidents happen every single day by the thousands all across the country. Obviously, there are not thousands of reports of car accidents on the local news, and even when accidents are reported, it is often only to inform viewers or listeners of traffic issues. The truth is [...]
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How can a truck accident attorney help me?

Many people are skeptical about attorneys, and if you have been involved in a truck accident, you may wonder whether or not enlisting the aid of an attorney is a smart decision. Some people believe that their case is open-and-shut and that they do not need to consult with an [...]
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Auto recalls in the U.S. reach a record high in 2015

For Nashville drivers, staying safe on the road involves a lot more than just adherence to traffic laws. The condition of the vehicle being driven also plays a major role in driver safety, which is why recent news of the massive number of vehicle recalls in 2015 has many car [...]
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Study: Distracted driving among Tennessee teens is worse than expected

Distracted driving among teenagers in Nashville and across the country is much more serious than originally thought.
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Truck accidents: You've got questions, we've got answers

Even if you have never been in a truck accident nor have any knowledge about truck accidents, you are probably always just a bit more nervous when you're heading down the highway at 65 miles per hour and a massive 18-wheeler is sharing the road next to you. Oftentimes, we [...]
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Benicar may cause symptoms similar to celiac disease

Treating high blood pressure is a concern for people all over the world, including Tennessee. One option is a pharmaceutical drug called Benicar, which is designed to block a hormone that causes the blood vessels to tighten and narrow. With the hormone blocked, the blood vessels [...]
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Notable motorcycle accident statistics

Transportation is a necessary facet of life for every American, whether it involves a commute to work, a trip to the grocery store or even a joyride to enjoy a beautiful day through the Tennessee countryside. The vast majority of drivers prefer the comfort of a car, but there [...]
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It doesn't take much to suffer a brain injury

When we think of the most severe types of injuries, we generally consider injuries that are only suffered in the most severe of circumstances. Broken bones are suffered somewhat regularly, for example, but while they can be extremely serious, in many instances they heal in a few [...]
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A DUI criminal case is different from a civil car accident case

What some people may not realize about drunk driving accidents is that they are considered criminal matters. Driving under the influence is a criminal act that is handled in a criminal court of law, which is an independent legal area from most matters of personal injury, which [...]
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Recalls of defective medical devices almost double over a decade

Those seeking medical treatment in Nashville put their trust in the health care community when it comes to life-saving medical devices. However, data collected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows a steep rise in the recall of defective devices, which has almost [...]
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What damages can I pursue for a brain injury?

When it comes to different types of injury, brain injuries rank among the most serious and devastating, which is why they often result in a great deal of monetary compensation for the victim. Compensation is generally awarded based on a number of factors, including medical [...]
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Should I settle my truck accident out of court?

If you have had the unfortunate luck of being involved in a truck accident, you are likely suffering from serious injuries and possibly significant property damage. Depending on your financial situation, you may be hard-pressed to handle the unexpected medical and repair bills. [...]
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Proving manufacture negligence may not be necessary

There are several ways that you may be able to recover compensation if a design or manufacturing defect in a product caused you an injury. Here at Bart Durham Injury Law, we regularly work with clients to hold negligent manufacturers accountable. When filing a claim, you should [...]
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What are Tennessee's auto recall laws?

Tennessee has several laws in place that protect consumers against the dangers of auto defects.
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Tennessee's short statute of limitations and the discovery rule

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you are lucky to be alive, even if the accident was seemingly minor. You may think that you suffered no injuries in the accident and that it was not a significant issue, but the truth is that even seemingly minor accidents can [...]
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Even minor accidents can cause whiplash injury

Not all car accidents involve extremely serious injuries and catastrophic damages. Some of the most extreme car accident injuries come from the vehicle rolling over after being struck or being crushed with superior force and size. As a result, victims who are in relatively less [...]
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