Should I settle my truck accident out of court?

If you have had the unfortunate luck of being involved in a truck accident, you are likely suffering from serious injuries and possibly significant property damage. Depending on your financial situation, you may be hard-pressed to handle the unexpected medical and repair bills. You've heard that you can recover compensation if you were not at fault in an accident, but then the trucking company offers to simply pay you money, so what do you do?

As with most thing, the correct decision depends on the circumstances. Whether or not an out-of-court settlement is a good idea is a question best answered on a case-by-case basis. For some, it is a quick and easy way to recover compensation that they may not have and desperately needed, or perhaps that they may have been hard-pressed to otherwise recover. But for others, it gives up the chance to pursue any further action for a greater amount in order to take a quick payoff.

Generally speaking, an out-of-court settlement does not provide as much monetary compensation as a successful claim and the victim will probably never be able to bring any kind of public or legal action against the trucking company for the accident in the future. However, this can sometimes be worth it if the complexities of litigation do not appeal to you, or if you are unsure of how strong your case might be.

The best reaction to an out-of-court settlement is to speak with an attorney who is familiar with truck accidents and personal injury law in your state. Tennessee residents are encouraged to seek out a professional, second opinion that can better help them understand what they would be giving up by accepting the settlement, and if the settlement justifies the damages suffered.

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