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Notable motorcycle accident statistics

Transportation is a necessary facet of life for every American, whether it involves a commute to work, a trip to the grocery store or even a joyride to enjoy a beautiful day through the Tennessee countryside. The vast majority of drivers prefer the comfort of a car, but there are many who prefer to feel the wind in their hair and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle does not come without its risks.

Unfortunately, many bikers do not fully appreciate the risks and dangers of riding a motorcycle in a car's world. The risks of riding a motorcycle are well documented, and it is widely known that a motorcyclist will almost always suffer the more serious injuries in the event of a collision. However, many feel that this is not a concern they should worry about because they are safe, defensive drivers. Some believe that, with safe enough driving skills, they can minimize or eliminate the risks of riding a motorcycle and enjoy only the benefits.

The sad truth is that, in many accidents, safe and defensive driving on the part of one person does little to affect the level of injury that he or she suffers. The reckless or negligent driving of a car can cause an accident for even the most aware and safe of bikers. In fact, in the majority of motorcycle accidents that involve multiple vehicles, the driver who was not operating the motorcycle caused the accident by violating the right of way of the biker.

Not only are many motorcycle accidents caused by the other driver, but in the event of an accident, the chances of a motorcyclist being killed in the accident is 26 times higher than the chances of an occupant of a passenger car. These statistics are not meant to scare bikers away from their motorcycles, but only to illustrate that motorcycle accidents do happen, whether you drive safely or not, and the risk of injury is very real. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Tennessee, consider meeting with an attorney to learn how you can recover compensation for your injuries.

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