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September 2013 News

200,000 bottles of infant medication recalled

Consumers in Nashville and worldwide rely every day on medication to help maintain health and wellness. Everything from headache medicine to blood pressure pills are available to keep our bodies operating properly. We put the utmost confidence in manufacturers to protect our [...]
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Medical devices should require warranty, Consumers Union says

Currently, most knee and hip implants do not require regulation. They can be used in patients without first undergoing safety and efficiency reviews by the Food and Drug Administration. The Consumers Union is working to stop this and protect patients who fall victim to defective [...]
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Greek yogurt voluntarily recalled after mold strains found

Manufacturers of all products, including food, have an obligation to provide consumers in Nashville and nationwide non-hazardous merchandise. When it comes to edible goods, shoppers put a lot of trust in companies and believe that they will follow through with rigorous industry [...]
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Accidental discharge of AR-15 kills Tennessee father and son

Contrary to popular belief, guns are not always accidentally discharged due to user error. There are documented cases that have proven that dropping a loaded weapon might cause it to go off. Furthermore, if the weapon is not mechanically sound or has been manufactured from [...]
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