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200,000 bottles of infant medication recalled

Consumers in Nashville and worldwide rely every day on medication to help maintain health and wellness. Everything from headache medicine to blood pressure pills are available to keep our bodies operating properly. We put the utmost confidence in manufacturers to protect our best interests at all times and to help keep us safe, and while medicinal advances have saved countless lives, the improper manufacturing processes that result in dangerous or defective products have made countless others ill.

In a recent drug recall, around 200,000 bottles of Motrin Infants' Drops produced by McNeil Consumer Healthcare were deemed unsafe. The manufacturer claims that there is a possibility that the medication may contain tiny specks of plastic. It is unknown what damages can be done as a result of ingesting the medication, but consumers are encouraged to discontinue use and contact the Food and Drug Administration if it makes them sick.

Reports indicate that the plastic was also in an unnamed lot of medication that came from a vendor that McNeil does business with. Whether there are additional tainted medications currently on the shelves is unclear.

Consumer illness as a result of polluted medication is terrible, and even more so when infants or children are involved. An infant’s developing system cannot protect them from injury in the same way that an adult would be protected, so the resultant damages may be long-lasting or even permanent. If your child has fallen ill after ingesting tainted medicine, you should call the FDA as instructed and then contact a products liability lawyer to consider your legal options.

Source: Cleveland, “Johnson & Johnson recalls Motrin Infants' drops due to possible plastic particles: Food and Drug Recalls,” Brie Zeltner, Sep. 9, 2013

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