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Greek yogurt voluntarily recalled after mold strains found

Manufacturers of all products, including food, have an obligation to provide consumers in Nashville and nationwide non-hazardous merchandise. When it comes to edible goods, shoppers put a lot of trust in companies and believe that they will follow through with rigorous industry standard testing to safeguard that no one will fall ill or even lose their lives as a result of a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, harmful products hit the shelves all too often.

One of the most recent product recalls involves moldy yogurt. Many consumers complained that they fell ill after eating the Greek-style Chobani yogurt. Additional consumers stated that the product's container was distended or that the yogurt seemed carbonated. Chobani ordered a voluntary recall of their yogurt after admitting that the mold had been discovered. The company CEO spoke out in an effort to admit the unwelcome addition to their product but tried to assure consumers that the mold is commonly found in environments containing dairy.

This attempt at assurance likely does little for those who fell ill after consuming the product. Chobani claims that the moldy yogurt is not likely to make those who consume it sick; however, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food molds have been known to cause respiratory infections as well as other allergic responses.

Chobani claims that over 95 percent of their products were safe at the time of the outbreak, and that they have completely resolved the issue. Nonetheless, others are sure to come forward with serious claims about how the product negatively affected them, and they might even seek compensation for their damages.

Source: CBS News, “Chobani recalls some yogurt lots for mold, illness reports,” Ryan Jaslow, Sep. 5, 2013

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