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June 2013 News

X-Ray reveals medical device in woman's chest four years later

When someone receives care at a medical facility in Nashville he or she should be able to expect that his or her care be done with caution and care. However, there are times when people are harmed because of the carelessness or negligence of a caregiver. Sometimes, people are [...]
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Study: Brain injuries from concussion similar to Alzheimer's

Of all the terrible injuries that come out of car accidents, the hardest to detect are brain injuries. According to some studies, nearly 100,000 people in Tennessee and the rest of the country are treated for serious brain injuries due to car accidents and other causes.
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Nashville three-vehicle crash kills college soccer coach

A three-vehicle accident on Interstate 24 in Nashville recently left one man dead after his car was hit by a semitrailer truck. Police said the 28-year-old man, a soccer coach at Cumberland University, had struck a pickup car in front of him and spun into the path of the [...]
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Tractor trailer crashes into nine vehicles on Tennessee highway

A fiery 10-vehicle crash near Nashville recently left two people dead and five others injured. Two tractor-trailer trucks flipped on their sides in the wreck, and at least two passenger cars caught fire. Rescue workers arrived at the scene and were able to douse the flames and [...]
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Nashville medical company the target of wrongful death lawsuit

It's almost never easy when a family member passes away. However, if someone has died because of the negligence or improper care of someone else, it can be the source of additional pain and anguish, especially if that person's death may have otherwise been prevented. Every [...]
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Concrete truck flips over van in fatal Tennessee crash

At least one person was killed recently in a horrifying collision between a passenger van and a concrete truck on a Tennessee highway. The concrete truck reportedly rolled over the van and rescue workers had to cut passengers out of the van using the jaws of life.
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Air ambulance costs after car accidents can be shockingly high

Five people were sent to a Tennessee hospital recently after a truck and a car collided. While news reports did not give many details about the car accident, they did note that four of the five were flown to the hospital by air ambulance.
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New bill could keep rental vehicles with recalls off the road

It's not uncommon for automakers to recall vehicles for defective parts. When this occurs it's important for a person to get the necessary repairs as soon as possible. However, there are times when the proper repairs are not made, which can lead to an accident and to someone in [...]
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Tennessee works - slowly - to stamp out drunk driving

Tennessee lawmakers may be preparing to lower the legal standards for drunk driving in an effort to improve traffic safety. Legislators recently said they will soon introduce legislation to require drivers who have taken prescription medications to have no alcohol at all in [...]
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Study finds women more likely than men to die in car accidents

Nashville drivers are probably familiar with statistics and studies showing the number of traffic accidents nationwide and the factors, such as drinking and driving or texting while driving, that contribute to that number. There are many such studies published all the time, and [...]
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Congress looks to hold foreign manufacturers to higher standards

Thousands of products are made in foreign countries and then shipped to the U.S. for consumption. Unfortunately, in some cases, these products are not properly made and some contain unsafe substances. Many product manufacturers seem to make these items with little or no care [...]
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