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Nashville three-vehicle crash kills college soccer coach

A three-vehicle accident on Interstate 24 in Nashville recently left one man dead after his car was hit by a semitrailer truck. Police said the 28-year-old man, a soccer coach at Cumberland University, had struck a pickup car in front of him and spun into the path of the semitrailer.

Police said that alcohol did not appear to play a part in the crash. Instead, they said that the drivers appeared to have been distracted by a disabled vehicle in the road. The victim's sedan ran into the back of the pickup truck, which moved over to the right shoulder of the highway, several hundred yards away. According to police, the victim's sedan was knocked into the path of the semitrailer, which struck it on the driver's side and pushed it about 100 yards down the highway before coming to a stop.

The soccer coach was pronounced dead at the scene. The drivers of the pickup truck and the semitrailer were uninjured and a passenger in the semitrailer received only minor injuries.

After a fatal traffic accident, Tennessee police investigate the scene in an attempt to determine the cause of the crash. In multi-vehicle accidents, this can be extremely difficult, and police are often under a lot of pressure to hurry the investigation so that the highway can be reopened.

When a driver is killed in a traffic accident, the driver's family may be compensated for damages through a wrongful death lawsuit if the injuries were caused by another party's negligence. After truck accidents, there may be more negligent parties than just the driver involved. In some cases, the trucking company may be held liable because the driver was acting as an agent of the company. In others, the trucking company may be liable because it improperly trained drivers or otherwise violated safety standards. In still other cases, companies that maintained commercial trucks may be responsible if they failed to adequately maintain brakes or other safety equipment.

Tennessee families who have lost a loved one in a truck crash or other traffic accident should get help understanding their legal options. In any lawsuit arising from a traffic accident, the police report will be an important piece of evidence, but it is just a starting point. These lawsuits often require a thorough investigation of the scene and the circumstances involved, and these investigations may shed new light on what happened.

Source: WKRN-TV, "Semi collides with vehicle in fatal accident on I-24," June 16, 2013

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