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What are dangerous drugs?

Dangerous drugs are drugs that pose a threat to consumers, even though they are on the market to help others live healthier, longer lives. Pharmaceutical companies that fail to market or test drugs properly can be hit with liability lawsuits by plaintiffs who have been hurt by dangerous drugs.

A drug is pulled from the market when the risks outweigh the benefits of it for consumers. This typically happens when the risks from using the drug cannot be fixed by the pharmaceutical company or when side effects develop that were not known when the drug was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Removing drugs completely from the market could endanger others who depend on the drug to live. Decisions made to remove drugs from the market are done so carefully.

There are two ways dangerous drugs are dealt with by manufacturers. The first is they issue a market withdrawal. This is when any drugs left on the market are sold, but no new product is provided to retailers. The company also doesn't tell consumers to stop using the drugs. The other option is for manufacturers to issue a drug recall. This is when consumers are urged to stop using the drugs and all remaining drugs on the market are no longer offered for sale.

Dangerous drugs can cause a slew of medical problems for those taking the drugs. The symptoms can range from very mild to severe. The symptoms could lead to death if the victim does not seek medical attention immediately and stop using the dangerous drug.

Plaintiffs who are injured by dangerous drugs, or their family members if they die, could find themselves collecting damages in a liability lawsuit. The damages the plaintiff could collect include loss of wages, loss of future wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, legal fees and medical expenses.

Know your rights in Nashville, Tennessee, when it comes to dangerous drugs and their impact on you or a loved one prior to seeking damages.

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