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How to protect yourself from recalled products

Product recalls are a common part of life and will likely never go away so long as companies continue to manufacture products. Recalls are issued for a variety of reasons, including defects in the product's manufacturing, defects in the product's design and defects in the product's warnings.

Products that can be recalled are done so because they might cause, or have caused, health or safety issues. The products include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Drugs

- Cars

- Cosmetics

- Food

- Child safety seats

Recalls range in severity from banning the sale of the item to having the consumer return the item so it can be repaired or replaced. During some recalls the manufacturer might send a new part to the consumer that can be added to the product to make it safer for use.

It is in the best interest of the consumer to do as much research as possible on a product prior to making a purchase. This is especially important when purchasing items for a baby or child such as a crib, mattress, child safety seat, clothing, high chair or other item.

Consumers should look into whether or not a product has been recalled before buying it. This definitely should be done when buying a secondhand product.

Victims hurt by a defective product prior to a recall could find themselves recovering damages incurred via a negligence or strict liability case. Damages that can be recovered include loss of wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, legal fees and more.

All recalls issued by the government or the manufacturer of the product should be heeded by the consumer. The longer the consumer uses the product after a recall, the likelier it becomes that they suffer an injury from the defect. Continued use after a recall could also prevent the recovery of damages.

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