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Tennessee court ruling makes it easier to arrest suspected drunk drivers

A recent ruling produced by the Tennessee Supreme Court makes it easier for law enforcement officials to arrest drivers suspected of intoxicated driving.

In Tennessee, the state Supreme Court recently ruled that law enforcement officials are permitted to stop drivers if their vehicle crosses the markings on the road, even if it does so for only a second, states the Insurance Journal. This ruling will make it easier for law enforcement officials to not only arrest drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but also to have them convicted.

The two contributing cases

This recent decision was made after the Supreme Court assessed two separate DUI cases, both of which involved drivers crossing over road markings while their vehicle was in motion. In the first case, a driver was stopped by a law enforcement official while driving on a curvy, two-lane road after his vehicle crossed the double yellow line several times. In the second case, the front tire of a woman's car touched the right fog lane of the road once, and both right tires of her vehicle crossed the line later on, prompting a law enforcement official to pull her over.

In both cases, the drivers claimed that since the law enforcement officials who pulled them over did so illegally, the evidence that showed they were driving in an intoxicated state should not be used against them. However, the Tennessee Supreme Court determined that in these cases, the law enforcement officials involved were permitted to pull the drivers over.

Important drunk driving statistics

Although this ruling could make it easier for law enforcement officials to arrest drunk drivers and have them penalized for DUI, many people are still injured and killed in drunk driving accidents every day. According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization, every two minutes in the U.S. a person is injured in a collision involving intoxicated driving. Every day in the U.S., 28 people also die as a result of a drunk driving crash.

Additionally, even if drivers are penalized for DUI, many of them have driven while intoxicated several times before being arrested. The MADD organization states that before his or her first arrest, the average drunk driver has driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol 80 times.

Those who are involved in a drunk driving accident and survive may experience severe consequences that harm them financially, emotionally and physically. For this reason, those who were hurt in a DUI crash should consider reaching out to an attorney who can help them protect their best legal interests.

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