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Tennessee truck accident kills six

A truck driver from Kentucky was recently involved in a serious accident in Tennessee that cost six people their lives. This was obviously a tragic, fatal truck accident, but it is also a perfect illustration of how some truck accidents can play out from a legal perspective. In particular, it demonstrates how many different parties and factors can affect a truck accident and the legal ramifications for victims who seek to file a claim.

The truck driver himself has been charged with vehicular homicide, and he was indicted by a grand jury for a number of offenses, including reckless aggravated assault and driving while affected by narcotics. Reports also indicate that the man had tested positive for methamphetamine less than two months before the accident. All of this indicates that the truck driver was likely a reckless driver and there is a strong chance that he will be held liable for the accident due to his negligence and recklessness.

In addition to the aforementioned issues about the truck driver himself, there is more information that is equally concerning. Investigations revealed that the truck driver had received many traffic related charges for more than a decade, including three charges of speeding. Additionally, he had reportedly been scheduled to drive for nearly 50 straight hours out of the 72 hours leading up to the accident.

What is concerning about this is that a trucking company would hire an individual with a history of traffic violations and allow him to drive for nearly 50 consecutive hours. Such behavior is a recipe for disaster, and in this instance, the trucking company may also be held responsible for the accident due to their negligent hiring practices and overworking their drivers. This is why victims of truck accidents are encouraged to consult with an attorney; you could be entitled to more compensation than you think if multiple parties are held liable for your injuries.

Source: WKYT, "Ky. truck driver charged with 6 counts of vehicular homicide in Tn. crash," Aug. 4, 2015

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