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Tennessee officials hope to reduce drunk driving accidents

There are very few types of car accidents that are not serious, but some car accidents are undeniably more serious than others. Truck accidents, for example, are capable of causing a significantly greater amount of damage than passenger car accidents. Another type of accident that can cause a great deal of damage is a drunk driving accident, wherein one individual elects to drive while intoxicated. This intoxication can affect an individual's ability to drive, slowing their reflexes and making them unable to avoid or minimize the damages of an accident.

Drunk driving accidents and drunk drivers are such a serious threat that two states in particular are planning initiatives in an attempt to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents that occur, particularly around Labor Day. In Tennessee alone last year, there were more than 6,500 alcohol-related crashes reported, which averages out to around 18 accidents on any given day.

Officials are particularly concerned about these accidents because it shows a marked carelessness for the health and safety of others, with one Sheriff claiming that people knowingly commit the crime of drunk driving because they do not respect how much their actions affect others. In an effort to combat this drunk driving problem, the state is planning to increase the number of messages warning of drunk driving and also add more checkpoints on the road.

Unfortunately, adding more messages about drunk driving may not do much to help with the individuals who are actively breaking the law. After all, many of these individuals know that drunk driving is dangerous and illegal, and yet they do it anyway; messages are unlikely to change this. If these drunk driving accidents do continue to occur, victims are encouraged to meet with an attorney to discuss their legal options. They could be entitled to compensation.

Source: WREG, "Tennessee, Arkansas ramp up DUI campaigns around Labor Day," Kelsey Ott, Aug. 17, 2015

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