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Legal assistance for truck accident victims

There are many different factors at play in the operation of a large truck, and each of these different factors can contribute to a truck accident. If one simple thing goes wrong or a single party is negligent, it can lead to a truck accident that is not your fault. Of course this can also make it difficult to determine exactly which party is at fault, especially because truck companies are usually quick to minimize their liability in a truck accident.

Like most motor vehicle accidents, truck accident claims usually come down to determining negligence. This can of course be negligence on the part of the truck driver (such as speeding or losing focus while driving), but it can also be negligence on the part of the trucking company (such as making unreasonable schedules that cause drivers to suffer from fatigue).

In some instances, the fault can be on multiple parties: for example, if a trucking company uses negligent hiring practices, it may hire truck drivers that are not qualified or trained enough to operate the vehicles. In this instance, the trucking company can be liable due to its negligent hiring, and the truck driver can be liable for operating the vehicle without proper qualifications.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Tennessee, it is in your best interests to consult with an attorney at your earliest convenience. Our truck accident webpage can give you more information about what you can expect from a truck accident claim. You can also schedule a free consultation with our firm to discuss the aspects of your case. This can help you understand your rights and give you more information that you need to know for your truck accident claim.

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