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Multi-vehicle crash kills 5 nursing students

Many Tennessee residents have likely seen news reports about a multi-vehicle accident in Georgia that resulted in five deaths. The fatal accident occurred on April 22 when seven vehicles crashed near Savannah on Interstate 16. In addition to the fatalities, two people were injured in the wreck.

Although it is unclear what factors may have precipitated the collision, police have confirmed that the accident involved two passenger cars, two pickup trucks and three tractor-trailers. Police say four people were declared dead at the scene of the vehicle collision while another person died later at the hospital. There were no initial reports about the condition of the two injured victims or whether any criminal charges were being filed as a result of the accident.

According to reports, all of the deceased and injured victims in the accident were nursing students at Georgia Southern University. All five of the deceased victims had been in their junior year at the GSU nursing program before they died. Following the accident, the president of GSU made a public statement saying that the loss of five students all at once was painful and almost incomprehensible.

An investigation into a multi-vehicle accident like this one can take weeks or months to complete. While the investigation is underway, an injured victim of such a crash may want to begin speaking with a personal injury attorney about pursuing compensation from the party or parties who may have been responsible. Even before investigators have identified the cause of an accident, an attorney may be able to assist an injured victim by gathering eyewitness testimony and other evidence that can later be used in a civil lawsuit for damages.

Source: NBC News, "Five Georgia Southern University Students Die in Crash Near Savannah," Shamar Walters, April 23, 2015

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