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The dangers of wrong-way accidents

A car accident can change the course of a person's life in a matter of moments. Take, for example, the recent accident highlighted on this blog. In that case, a man was killed and another seriously injured when in a wrong-way accident. In that case, a drunk driver was responsible for the wreck and is facing criminal charges.

According to data by the National Transportation Safety Board accidents like this one are all too common in the United States. The NTSB found that wrong-way accidents are often caused by drunk drivers. In many cases, these drivers enter the highway the wrong way using the ramps. On average, drunk driver cause around 6.5 percent of accidents that occur while both cars are traveling the right way. However, drunk drivers cause 60 percent of wrong-way accidents.

These accidents are most likely to occur between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and are more frequent on the weekends. Furthermore, these accidents frequently occurred in the lane closest to the median -- since the driver is likely believes it is the right lane.

Drunk drivers are not the only cause of wrong-way accidents. Elderly drivers also represent a large portion of wrong-way drivers. According to the data, the older a driver is, the more likely that driver is to enter the highway the wrong-way.

Wrong-way accidents can be dangerous and deadly, as was seen in the recent case. When people are injured in a wrong-way accident caused by a negligent driver, they should know their legal rights. Negligent drivers -- including drunk drivers -- can be held legally responsible for the damages caused by an accident.

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