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Commercial trucks must be inspected

Since cars and trucks are seen so frequently on Tennessee roadways, it can be easy to forget how complicated these machines are. They require exact maintenance and upkeep in order to be in safe working order. If the trucks are allowed to fall into disrepair, they can pose safety threats to the truck driver and to others on the roads. In these situations, negligent truck maintenance can contribute to truck accidents.

In order to make trucks as safe as possible for everyone on the road, federal trucking regulations have been passed. These regulations handle both truck driver behavior and outline requirements for commercial vehicles.

One of these requirements is that trucks undergo inspections. Under section 396.017 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, trucks must undergo inspection by qualified inspectors. This inspection must include a variety of checks. Generally, these inspections must occur once a year and an inspection report must be created following the inspection.

These inspections extend to all parts of the commercial motor vehicle including the trailer, semi-trailer or any other combination. State run roadside inspections can qualify as the annual inspection if the federal qualifications are met.

Other inspections of the vehicle are also required under these regulations. Under section 396.3, truck companies have a duty to inspect trucks and keep them in working order. Additionally, truck divers also have a duty to inspect under the regulations.

When negligent truck maintenance contributes to a truck accident, people need to ensure that all federal regulations were followed. This includes all proper inspections and maintenance. If these steps were skipped, truck drivers or truck companies may have civil liability. An attorney can help to explain people's rights.

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