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Truck hits stalled car in Nashville, 2 injured

In a previous blog post, this blog discussed federal trucking regulations that prevented truck drivers from consuming alcohol on the job. These regulations also limited truck drivers' rights to drink before a shift and allowed truck companies to perform random drug and alcohol testing to ensure compliance with these regulations. These rules are important because they help to prevent serious -- and sometimes deadly -- truck accidents in Tennessee. With even simple mistakes, commercial trucks can cause severe damage to others on the road.

A recent accident helps to show just how dangerous a truck accident can be. In this case, a semi-truck hit a car on I-40 West in Nashville. According to reports, the accident occurred near where I-40 splits with I-24 at around 12:30 a.m. While the accident is still under investigation, police say that the car had broken down in a lane on I-40. Before the car was moved, it was hit by a semi-truck.

In the accident, passengers were trapped in the car and a local fire department was called to extricate the victims. Reports say that a man and woman from the vehicle suffered critical injuries in the accident. However, they are listed in stable condition.

Truck accident victims, like the man and woman in this case, often suffer serious injuries. Commercial trucks are just so large that few passenger vehicles stand a chance against them. These victims often need and deserve compensation from a truck driver or truck company following a serious accident. An investigation into the truck driver's behavior is often very important in determining if negligence -- including drunk driving -- was responsible for causing the accident. If the truck driver was negligent, then the victims may be entitled to compensation.

Source: WZTV, "Critical Injuries in I-40 W. Accident in S. Nash..," Nov. 11, 2014

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