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Are truck drivers subject to drug and alcohol testing?

Tennessee drivers probably understand how dangerous drinking and driving can be. The news if often filled with stories of people who have suffered injuries because of drunk drivers. However, people may not realize that these dangers can be exacerbated by large trucks. Commercial trucks are dangerous by themselves, with a drunk truck driver they can be catastrophic. Tennessee residents may wonder if there are any measures in place to prevent truck drivers from driving under the influence.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers cannot drink alcohol while performing safety-sensitive functions. Additionally, truck drivers are not allowed to drink for four hours before a shift where they would need to perform these functions. Under these regulations, employers cannot allow a truck driver to work if they know that the driver has used alcohol in the prohibited time frame. To ensure that truck drivers are complying with these regulations, employers should carry out random alcohol testing, in addition to testing following accidents.

If truck drivers or truck companies are not complying with these rules, then they may be acting negligently. If negligent truck drivers cause an accident, they can be held liable for the injuries that ensue. While this blog post cannot provide specific legal advice, in most cases, evidence of alcohol use is evidence of truck driver negligence. When a driver is negligent, that person can be held liable for any damage that is caused in an accident.

If people suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in causing a truck accident, they should explore their legal options. An attorney can help explain a person's legal rights following a truck accident.

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