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Legal remedies following a drunk driving accident

Today, there are various alternative forms of transportation to take when an individual has been drinking alcohol, but some driver choose to still get behind the wheel of their vehicle. Even when drivers believes they are below the limit, they could seriously impact the lives of many just by making the simple mistake of driving while intoxicated. Our firm understands that this form of negligent driving could result in serious injuries and even death to residents in Tennessee. A drunk diving accident could change the lives of the victims and their loved ones.

While there are various forms of negligence of the roadways, a driver who is intoxicated has lower inhibitions. This often leads to reckless driving such as speeding, not being able to maintain their lane of traffic and even failing to stop at a stop sign or signal. This could easily result in the drunk driver colliding with another vehicle or even a pedestrian.

When people are injured by a drunk driver, they want to hold that driver accountable for the injuries and damages the driver has caused. A victim could suffer temporary or permanent disabilities due to the collision, which could require much medical attention and recovery time. This leaves the victim with hefty medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Filing a personal injury claim against the driver at fault could help them alleviate these financial burdens.

Our firm understands that a drunk driving accident often leaves victims and their loved ones dealing with physical, emotional and financial hardships. Taking legal action against the intoxicated driver could help make the injured party whole again. We know that in order to file a successful claim, a victim should conduct independent investigation to indicate cause and liability. This could improve their chances of receiving compensation.

It might be challenging for the victim of a drunk driving accident to navigate the legal system. Their focus is often on the recover process and many are not aware of the legal remedies available to them. Our firms drunk driving accident overview could help victims understand their options and how we can help. Furthermore, it can give them a rational expectation about the actions they decide to take.

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