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North Jackson crash puts 2 in hospital

A car accident in Tennessee can turn serious very quickly, especially if the accident is on a busy road or highway. At high speeds, a car accident can put drivers and passengers at risk. Not only is there a risk of damage to someone right away, some injuries can be permanent. Finding a correct settlement can be very important in paying for medical and other expenses that are incurred. Car accidents can take a physical and financial toll if not handled correctly.

A car crash in North Jackson put two people in the hospital on a Thursday afternoon. The wreck took place on Highway 45. Police report a pickup truck ran through a red light and hit a silver car that was turning. The Jackson Police Department reported the accident investigation was in progress. Both of the drivers were taken to the hospital. The driver of the silver car had a head injury, but the extent of either injury was not known.

A head injury in a car crash could be any thing from a concussion to a severe puncture wound. Treating a head injury is very important. If another driver was negligent, that driver may have responsibility for the crash. Compensation from an accident can help go toward medical treatment, physical therapy and other costs. If someone is out of work because of an injury, a negligent driver may be responsible for those injuries.

Negligence can take multiple forms, from ignoring signage to speeding. A driver who is not paying attention to the driver's surroundings is responsible for an accident. In Tennessee, full knowledge of applicable laws and responsibilities can move the process along while holding a negligent driver accountable for that person's actions.

Source: WBBJ, "North Jackson car accident sends two to hospital," July 17, 2014

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