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FDA finds bacterial contamination in tattoo kits; recall issued

Nashville is a city with a substantial reputation in the world of music, and this draws an artistic population to the area. Many of these artists choose to express their creativity not only through their professions and hobbies, but also through tattoos. As these procedures require injecting foreign materials into a person's skin, any design and manufacturing defect that affects safety in tattooing tools must be addressed immediately.

The Food and Drug Administration has discovered a pathogenic bacterial contamination in tattoo products manufactured by White & Blue Lion, Inc. Thus far, one person is reported to have an illness related to this problem. Reports do not indicate how severe this person's condition is, but they do note that infections caused by this type of contamination could lead to sepsis-related fatalities. White & Blue Lion has issued a recall as a result of these findings.

Specifically, the products at issue here are tattoo inks and needles, which were sold both in kits and separately. All tattoo inks, needles and kits distributed by White & Blue Lion are subject to this recall, but it is unclear how many units this amounts to in total. Reports do not indicate what caused the contamination, or at what point during the manufacturing or packaging process it occurred.

Products used to make injections into a person’s body carry certain risks, and any contamination of these items must be treated seriously. If you have become ill after using a product that was tainted due to a design or manufacturing defect, it may be possible to sue the item’s negligent manufacturer. Should you wish to learn more about this option, speaking with an attorney may be helpful.

Source: FDA.gov, “Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Tattoo Ink, Tattoo Needles, Tattoo kits Due to Microbial Contamination,” July 11, 2014 

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