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Alleged drunk driver had 2 accidents in 1 week, 1 fatal

When out on the road in Davidson, it's important to be aware of the possibility of encountering a drunk driver. While most drivers adhere to traffic laws and make sure they're sober when they operate a motor vehicle, there are still people who flout the law and decide to drive under the influence. If an alcohol related accident happens, there is a significant chance of injuries and fatalities.

A man who allegedly drove drunk twice in the same week is under arrest for vehicular homicide after hitting and killing a pedestrian. He tried to escape after the auto accident, but was caught by police. Days before the fatal hit-and-run, he had been arrested for DWI after he sideswiped an SUV. He didn't stop after that accident either. He was released on bond after the first arrest.

When there is accident due to a drunk driver, there are many issues that the injured party will have to deal with. There might be a long hospital stay which will mean hefty medical expenses. It's possible that there will be a need for therapy and perhaps long-term care. It's even possible that the injured person will never be able to return to normal.

An even worse situation is when there is a fatality after being hit by a drunk driver. A family losing a loved one not only deprives them of companionship, but it could also severely harm their financial standing with no idea how to support themselves. It's imperative that an auto accident caused by a drunk driver be investigated fully so the injured persons and those who have lost a loved one know how to move forward with litigation to receive compensation for their loss.

In these incidents, a driver had sideswiped one vehicle and tried to get away. He was caught and arrested for DWI. Days later, he allegedly committed the act of driving drunk again. This time he hit and killed a person. Again, he tried to get away. Families whose loved ones are killed by a drunk driver should make sure they understand their legal rights. With the right help, these people can be compensated for their losses.

Source: WCYB, "Police: DUI suspect involved in two crashes in one week," Preston Ayres, June 24, 2014

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