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Truck driver fined, loses license following Tennessee crash

Truck drivers can face a myriad of consequences following their involvement in accidents. Because of the immense size and weight of their vehicles, truck drivers are expected to exercise the utmost caution so they can potentially prevent an accident from occurring. Failure to do so can result in catastrophic injuries. In some cases, too, truck accidents can be fatal. In such cases, the families and loved ones of victims often seek out justice in a court of law.

Though it proved challenging, the families of two victims finally received some form of justice when a truck driver that was responsible for a fatal accident was found guilty of failure to exercise due care and failure to yield. The truck driver who was involved in the Tennessee accident was ordered by a judge to write an apology letter to the victims' families, according to reports. What's more, the man must pay a $500 fine and his driver's license was revoked for a year. Prior to this, the family struggled to convince a grand jury to indict the man on criminal charges.

The accident occurred when the truck driver neglected to yield and his truck barreled into a traffic jam. A 25-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man were in one of the vehicles that was stopped in the traffic jam. They were headed to a music festival in Tennessee. As a result of the injuries they suffered in the truck accident, the couple tragically passed away.

Losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident is one of the most traumatic events that a person can endure. Oftentimes, the loved ones of victims desire some form of legal action so the parties at fault can be held accountable. With truck accidents, there are many federal trucking regulations that come into play. By proving that a truck driver violated any of these regulations, the loved ones of victims may be able to obtain compensation that can help them potentially recover costs associated with the accident.

Source: Eagle Country, "Truck Driver Gets $500 Fine, Loses License For Fatal Crash," Mike Perleberg, March 31, 2014

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