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Risk of stroke triples for young people with head injuries

A brain injury is one of the more severe and debilitating types of injuries following a car accident. Brain injuries can permanently alter the course of a victim's life in an instant. One moment a victim may be driving down the road, minding his or her own business, and then suddenly he or she is dragged into an accident over which he or she has no control.

In this respect, Tennessee residents may find a new study alarming. According to this recent study, the risk of suffering the most common form of stroke may be tripled for young people with head or neck injuries. Strokes may be rare for young people, but they still occur in some cases. In fact, one third of all stroke cases happen to those under the age of 65. According to one researcher, stroke can happen in the prime of a person's life, disabling them at a young age and derailing their careers.

The recent study looked at the medical records of 1.3 million people younger than 50 who had suffered head and neck injuries. It found that 145 patients suffered a stroke within four weeks of suffering the injury. According to medical experts, the study is significant because it may encourage doctors to promptly treat victims of head injuries with anti-clotting drugs which could help to prevent stroke.

Treatment for brain injuries can be devastatingly expensive. In cases where the negligent actions of another driver are at the root of the accident that caused the injury, victims can pursue compensation to help cover some of these egregiously expensive medical treatments. Victims are oftentimes aided by the advice of a strong and aggressive personal injury attorney.

Source: Philly.com, "Head, neck injury may triple younger people's risk for stroke," Feb. 13, 2014

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