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Pedestrian suffers fatal injuries in accident with semi-truck

The size disparity between a pedestrian and a semi-truck is enormous. Given the incredible size and weight of a semi-truck, any accident between a semi and a pedestrian is most likely going to be fatal for the pedestrian. Pedestrians are completely unprotected and vulnerable to catastrophic damage. When a truck driver acts negligently, the results are likely going to be tragic.

A recent accident in Tennessee involving a semi-truck and a pedestrian had tragic results. A man, 69, was hit by an 18-wheeler at a truck stop in Tennessee. He had walked outside of his vehicle in order to fasten a backhoe to his trailer when he was pulled under the wheels of an 18-wheeler semi driven by another man. The man was driving west in the parking lot at the time the accident occurred. While impairments or speeding did not appear to be factors in the accident, the crash was still being investigated.

In truck accidents, everyone in smaller vehicles -- or worse, no vehicles at all -- are at great danger of being catastrophically injured or, in the worst case scenarios, killed. Drivers of semi-trucks are expected to abide by certain federal trucking regulations in order to prevent accidents from occurring. When they fail to do so -- when the driver displays negligence, or neglects to take certain precautionary measures -- they or the trucking companies they represent can often be found liable for the damages in an accident.

When another driver is found to be liable, victims can pursue compensation for the costs resulting from the injuries and damages associated with the accident. Victims are oftentimes aided by an aggressive legal strategy that takes into account the many laws involved, as well as the rights that a victim has.

Source: WBBJ 7, "Pedestrian Struck, Killed by 18-Wheeler," Feb.10, 2014

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